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   Ta-Da Kicker Ending                                     $125 


Click here to see a demo of the pop out hands!!

An awesome update to an old classic.  The Ta-Da Kicker attaches easily to the Axtell's Magic Drawing Board and adds a little "kick" at the end of the bit.  You have to see this to believe it.  Takes only seconds to attach and is very easy to handle.  If you thought you had milked all the applause out of the Drawing Board, you are in for a real treat!  This effect gives you one more boost out of the audience.  Comes complete with specialty "Happy Birthday" banner and is ready to perform in seconds!



     Specialty Banners                                       $22.50  

The pop out hands can adapt to a variety of occasions simply by changing the banner.  A simple attachmet system holds the banner firmly in place.  Banner phrases are limited for maximum visibility.  Available in colors and phrases shown.  For each additional print color add $5.  For special orders, please email your request to for pricing and availability.

Available Panel Colors
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Make your next bit better with a "kicker" ending!  Start with the board and add on to cover all special occasions.