Making cool magic with next to nothing.

This partnership started when two highly creative guys got together and decided to share  some of their incredible ideas with the magic community.  What developed was awesome magic that could be made with a few tools and a few household items. 

Scott Francis

Scott Francis got interested in magic when  his Dad gave him his first pack of magic cards at the age of eleven.  He performed his first magic show not long after.  Scott has been a professional magician for over twenty-three years.  He has the uncanny ability to create some of the most expensive tricks on the market using toothpicks, cardboard, rubber-bands, and yes, duct tape. 

David Allen

David stands in front of the "Feather light Backdrop"

David Allen has been a magician for over nineteen years.  He performs country wide for schools, churches, and family shows.  He too, would create wonderful tricks only his materials would be a little neater.  For example he would use a spring while Scott would use a rubber-band. 

Scott and David work together to take their creative ideas, use their talent, and transform them from duct tape to chrome.  Together, a magical team was born...Macgyver Magic.  Really cool magic tricks made with next to nothing.  Enjoy!

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