Making cool magic with next to nothing.


Two of the most creative minds in magic have gotten together to design and build incredible products that will encourage an awesome response from your audience.  These products have been tried and tested in front of their clients with fantastic results.  You will have to try them all to see for yourself which one gives you the biggest response!  


For a limited time you can get the Build a Power Reel DVD Free!! That's right, absolutely free! Just pay the $4.99 shipping and handling fee! You can order additional DVD's for just $10 each with no additional shipping charges, while supplies last. Selected DVD's include: Build a Card Fountain DVD, Sensational 7 DVD, and Dancing Napkin DVD. Sorry, no international shipping included in this special!! Don't miss out...order yours NOW!!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Do not miss out on this sweet deal! Once they are gone...they're gone!!

In order to take advantage of the other DVD's for $10 each, the Build a Power Reel DVD must be ordered.

Free Build a Power Reel DVD...just pay shipping and handling!


Get a 2nd DVD for $10

Build A Card Fountain DVD  

Add a 3rd DVD for $10 more

Incredible Dancing Paper Napkin DVD

Don't Miss Out only $10 more for a 4th DVD

Sensational 7 DVD


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