Making cool magic with next to nothing.

The incredible Dancing Napkin DVD   $25


This trick is absolutely diabolical!  Have you ever wanted to make a paper napkin dance...without putting a little "boogie" in it?  Well here is your chance to perform it on the  spot, anywhere, anytime. 

Either impress your friends at at fast food restaurant with the dancing paper napkin, or perform it on stage in front of a large choose. 

With a little showmanship, finesse, and a small investment, of about 2 1/2 cents per performance, you can be a pro with the Dancing Paper Napkin.

This is so cool, not to mention fun to play with.  When you invest in this DVD and find out the method, you will kick yourself and say, "I wish I would have thought of that."  We are glad we did.

Have fun and remember, the more you practice the better you will be...period.

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