Making cool magic with next to nothing.

This DVD includes the step-by-step instructions on how to build 7 cool tricks. These are the awesome tricks included on this DVD:

Remote Control Cards - Literally drive a deck of cards across the table to you. Great for close-up, but can be done from stage for a small audience or with video screen close-up.

Card Swatter - Use the card fountain to spray cards up into the air, swat at them with the card swatter, and catch the chosen card on the card swatter. All the easy step-by-step instructions. Takes almost no time or cost to build, but gets a great response.

Card Biting Mouse - Very, very cool trick for stage or close-up. Can be used with the card fountain or by itself using any type of bag or box. The mouse finds the chosen card and is holding it in it's mouth!

Pop-up Signs - Stage signs used to express a message, how you are feeling, or instructions to the audience. Can be customized for each show with very little expense.

Puppet Eyes that Rock - Puppet eyes designed to fit an adults hand. Can be customized with eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. Very adorable...great for kids and adults as well!

Jumping Wand - This is too cool for words! A wand that jumps out of your case and into your hand on your command!! No electronics involved. So simple and so cool you'll wish you had had one years ago!!

Fax in Pocket - Receive a fax in the middle of your show right out of a pocket. Fax can be customized to guess chosen card or any other message your client wants to get across. 

Bonus: Squeaky lint - A dryer sheet pulled out of someone's shirt that squeaks.